ABAC PRO B7000 270 FT10 (YD)

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This ABAC PRO B7000 270 FT10 single stage belt drive compressor is a 10 HP static compressor mounted on a 270 litre receiver, suitable for a workshop with three phase.

The 7.5kW, 10hp, 270L range have outstanding features such as reliability, stability and sturdiness, this product meets the most demanding needs. It’s perfect for frequent use and ideal for applications such as inflating, blowing, cleaning, stapling, professional painting, nailing, spraying, grouting, hammering, impact wrenching, sandblasting, ratcheting, drilling.

The Stationary Piston compressor range has been specially produced to cope with the most demanding of applications. Special attention has been given to ensure high quality, durable compressors meet the expectations of the most demanding of applications. When it comes to saving money ABAC’s powerful stationary air compressors will never let you down.

Additional information

KW Rating



42,4 CFM


11 Bar


400/3/50 (20amp / D Rated)