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Wide range of Compressed air filtration available

The team at Griffin Air Systems Ltd supply a variety of Compressed air filtration to help keep your system as dirt and oil free as possible take a look at our products below and contact us for more details.



An oil water separator is used to remove air compressor lubricants from water, making it an integral part to many businesses’ air compressor systems. In fact, with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and higher waste disposal costs, a separator might be just what your system needs.

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We offer a wide variety of high energy efficient filtration and separation solutions for compressed air applications. All compressed air filters are in conformity with the 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive.

Compressed air contains high concentrations of dust, oil, moisture and other impurities.

These contaminants can lead to high-maintenance costs and result in damage to equipment and finished products. Our filters have been specifically designed to prevent these problems, by offering a wide range of filters for compressed air able to satisfy the most various industry needs.

The secret of Our filter is the high efficiency of the elements which is able to offer a high capability of retention (99,999%) and very low pressure drops. The final result is an extremely purified compressed air and low operating costs.