Griffin Air Systems specialises in optimising air compressor performance to meet PSSR regulation requirements and lower operation costs.

We provide complete data logging energy surveys and ultrasonic air leak detection audits for all air compressor systems. 

This state-of-the-art technology utilises high-frequency pulses to identify air compressor leaks. By swiftly detecting and repairing these leaks, we proactively address inefficiencies that compromise overall system functionality.

Inefficient air compressors have significantly higher operational costs. By identifying and rectifying faults, conducting necessary repairs, and implementing crucial system improvements, we improve the overall efficiency of your system for long-term savings. Our ultrasonic air leak detection services are crucial in reducing energy consumption and saving your business money. 

Choose Griffin for a top-tier compressed air leak detection that optimises system efficiency, lowers energy costs and ensures strict compliance with legislation and regulations.

Our Ultrasonic Air Leak Detection Service Explained

Ultrasonic leak detection involves using high-frequency energetic pulses to identify any leakages in the air compressor. If there is a leak, the waves will reflect back, creating a lower frequency sound that can be heard, and the source of the leak can then be detected and repaired. Many air compressors don’t run efficiently with leaks in the system. Griffin Air Systems Ltd will help you identify these areas and resolve any issues.

Reduce Your Air System’s Energy Consumption

Compressed air systems can be costly to a business, particularly when they aren’t working optimally. Ultrasonic leak detection can reduce the energy consumption of your air compressor by an average of 31%. Our air leak detection service will help to identify any faults in the system so we can carry out repairs and make necessary improvements, saving you money in the long run.



Our ultrasonic air leak detection services are part of our comprehensive service offerings to maximise the return on investment in air compressors. We pride ourselves on providing solutions for all our clients’ air system challenges, offering a wide range of services to ensure your equipment’s optimal performance and longevity.

We deliver comprehensive air compressor maintenance, including servicing and repairs. Whether you need to enhance your existing system or repair or replace faulty components, our dedicated team is equipped to meet your specific needs. Our services encompass repairs, system design, installations, total care servicing, and end-of-life replacement.

We are committed to excellence. Every team member upholds the highest standards of care, courtesy, and professionalism, guaranteeing you receive outstanding service at every stage of the process. When you choose Griffin, you can count on us to:

  • Reduce air demand and energy costs through effective leak detection and resolution.
  • Improve operational reliability and availability by addressing system inefficiencies.
  • Optimise equipment function to enhance overall performance.
  • Ensure compliance with current legislation and regulations, reducing risks.
  • Realise a greater return on investment and enhanced value retention through proactive maintenance and optimisation strategies.

Choose Griffin for a seamless experience and a comprehensive approach to maximising the efficiency and longevity of your air compressor system.

Book Your Ultrasonic Air Leak Detection

Optimise the functionality of your compressed air system with our ultrasonic leak detection service. Our dedicated staff will arrange a date and time to carry out a full survey of your air systems and decide the best way you can save energy and make them work more efficiently. Get in touch with a member of our sales team to learn more about how we can help you reduce your site’s energy consumption, saving you money.




Ultrasonic Air Leak Detection FAQs

You can learn more about how our ultrasonic leak detector service can help you save energy and lower costs. If you’d like to learn about our other services, you can get in touch with a member of the Griffin team.

Will I need to replace my air compressor if a leak is detected?

No, replacing an entire system is unnecessary if a minor leak is detected. Using our ultrasonic leak detection equipment, we are able to pinpoint the exact location of a leak and repair that specific part of the air system. This will either involve installing new pipework or replacing an existing part with an appropriately branded compressor spare part.

Can you replace any damaged air compressor pipework?

Yes, we offer a pipework replacement service to install quality pipework so you can make the most out of your air compressor. Using ultrasonic leak detection, we are able to detect any leakages in existing pipework and resolve the issue by installing either our smooth bore alluminium or galvanised pipework.

Is ultrasonic leak detection guaranteed to save me money on energy costs?

Griffin can identify aspects of your existing compressed air system that could be costing you unnecessary money on your energy bill. If your current system is not working optimally, our expert team will be able to get it running more efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

How effective are ultrasonic leak detectors?

Ultrasonic leak detection equipment is highly accurate. Locating leaks is easier when the pressure is higher, but ultrasonic air leak detection can effectively identify pinhole leaks as low as 1 psi.

What advantages does air leak detection offer?

Air leak detection is a game-changer for industrial environments. Identifying and addressing leaks prevents unnecessary air wastage, ultimately reducing energy costs. Additionally, fixing air leaks optimises the system’s overall efficiency, extends the lifespan of equipment, and reduces the carbon footprint.

Optimise your Compressed Air System

An optimised and efficient compressed air system requires less energy, saving you money. Discover how else you can optimise your system to maximise your return on investment with our expert guides.