At Griffin Air Systems, we offer a range of low cost air compressors to help you access the air compression equipment you need on a smaller budget. We have over 50 years of experience in supplying & repairing air compressors. Why not get in touch today to discuss your needs?

Save Money With Our Low Cost Air Compressors

If you are in need of an air compressor but you don’t have a huge demand, then our range of budget air compressors may be the right choice for you. When working on a smaller project or requiring compressed air for home use, a standard air system will be too large and a lot more costly. 

Our range of smaller low cost air compressors provides you with the ideal high-quality air supply required for a smaller project without having to invest in larger compressed air system equipment.

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Why Choose Griffin?

We provide a range of products and services, including air demand surveys, system design and installation, total compressor servicing, and end-of-life replacement. Here at Griffin, we work with professionalism and are courteous toward all our customers. Our team provides only the highest standard of service and brings you the solutions you need. Griffin’s engineers and dedicated call team work meticulously to provide you with the best possible compressed air system solutions.



  • Optimised operational reliability and availability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Long-term value retention and return on investment
  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation and national regulation

Get Your Budget Air Compressor Today

Griffin supplies everything from new air compressors to pre-owned, used systems helping you save money. We offer a wide variety of air compressor models so you can find the right solution for your compressor needs. We also provide a number of different purchase options, including leasing, purchase, or rental. We also supply pipework and air filters for all the leading brands and provide entire system servicing and repairs. Contact our team today to find out more.




Low Cost Air Compressor FAQs

Discover all the information about our range of budget air compressors in our frequently asked questions. If you’d like to learn more or have any further questions about our product range and services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Are budget air compressors just as good?

A low cost air compressor is suitable for applications that require a much smaller amount of air. Larger compressed air systems are only financially viable for larger projects and increased air demand. Our budget air compressors provide are high quality, providing you with the right amount of air for a much cheaper price.

What are low cost air compressors useful for?

Low cost air compressors are a great option for those smaller uses non-industrial uses. If you need to inflate tires or spray paint a car, they are a much more cost-effective option. Budget air compressors are much easier to use and provide enough air for a smaller demand, whereas a larger compressed air system would be too much.

Are budget air compressors suitable for home use?

Yes. Low cost air compressors are much smaller than standard compressed air systems making them suitable for home use. Other air compressor models are expensive and take up a lot more space therefore only suitable for industrial applications. It is important to remember not to use gas-powered compressors indoors.