Bambi VT150D

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Oil-Free Air compressor from Bambi’s VT Range

• Air Displacement: 175 L/min
• Dimensions: 87 x 51 x 41 (H x W x D)
• Weight: 40kg
• Receiver: 50 Litres
• Voltage: 240v or 110v
• Pressure: 8 Bar
• Motor: 1.5 HP
• Noise (dBA): 72 dBA

Bambi VT150 combines state-of-the-art features and materials to deliver excellent performance. The Vee Twin pump unit powers this oil-free air compressor and keeps noise levels to a minimum. The unit is the quietest of its kind on the market due to the latest technology that incorporates a tilting piston.

This compressor performs great in a wide array of fields where one of the main concerns is low maintenance. The VT150 is an excellent choice for pneumatic controls, dentistry, laboratories, hospital ventilators, food packaging and drink dispensers.

The VT range boasts innovative technical features that help it stand out from the crowd and exceed expectations. The units are equipped with a soft start solenoid valve. Every time the unit is shut off, the solenoid valve releases the air pressure within the pump which protects the compressor from overloading and, in time, can help extend the unit’s service life. In addition, the unit always releases clean, contamination-free air due to the internally coated and anti-corrosion air receivers.

The VT150 is available with the Air Dryer unit. This novel feature was implemented in order to guarantee desert dry air quality for every use. The temperature of the air is cooled down before it enters the dryer via the multi-row after-cooler. Since the air temperature is decreased drastically, the integral coalescing filter is able to pick up water droplets as small as 0.01 microns and remove them from the air.

The unit eliminates 99% of the moisture prior to the desiccant adsorption system powering the dryness down. The dryer unit is made out of the highest quality stainless steel and has the capacity to regenerate itself after each compressor cycle, requiring zero routine maintenance. Residual dust particles are eliminated by the integral HE dust filter.